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March 16, 2014

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I am so happy to share with you that I was recently notified that I had been chosen to be a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, class of 2014. As you might know, the World Economic Forum is an international institution, founded by businessman and philanthropist, Klaus Schwab, in 1971, which is committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation. This organization works to build communities that can define challenges, solutions, and actions to promote global citizenship.

The World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders community, as described by YGL director, David Aikman, “assembles the world’s most outstanding next-generation leaders who have a proven record of extraordinary achievement and helps them further develop in their leadership journey.” To get a fuller sense of what this community looks like, take a look at this video:

The honor of being selected as one of the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders is a distinction for which I am both humbled and proud. But, the selection, itself, is only one small part of this honor. The real privilege is in the work that lies ahead, in the opportunity to leverage the World Economic Forum’s influence to make the world a more just place. As Young Global Leaders, that is the charge the 214 new members have been given, and that is what makes this honor unlike any other I’ve ever gotten.

It was the work I have done in stem cell research, and helping to bridge the divide between scientific knowledge and what is known about scientific knowledge, that precipitated my nomination and selection into the Young Global Leaders community. This is a cause I have been proud to contribute to, in the hopes that my efforts could help make the path to medical breakthroughs a smoother and less impeded one. Through opportunities that might present themselves through my involvement in the YGLs, I hope to bring the issue of science and stem cell research to the attention of stakeholders who can help mobilize broad social awareness and action: people like Pope Francis and other religious leaders, heads of state, industry leaders, and scientists, themselves. The advancement of important scientific endeavors, like stem cell research which has the potential to positively impact people around the world, is a multidimensional matter and can best take place when everyone is included. In addition, I expect that my involvement in the Young Global Leaders will focus centrally on the work I have done to empower individuals and communities, and to bring to the public consciousness health-related and community-based challenges that people face that so often can go unaddressed. This is work that I neither underestimate nor take lightly. It is my hope that, through my involvement in the World Economic Forum and the Young Global Leaders, I can bring even greater attention to the circumstances people from all parts of society and all levels of ability face.





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